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Do you want to become a volunteer? Complete the below volunteer registration form and we will email you to arrange an interview.
Benefits to you!
  • T-shirt (must be worn at all times when on duty)
  • An invitation to our Volunteer Appreciation Event at the end of the Festival
  • An opportunity to enjoy music, have fun, make friends, and give back to your community!

Job Opportunities For Volunteer
The following provides a short description of the positions that are available for volunteering. Please select only jobs that you are interesting on.
    Media Center
Responsible for assisting all journalists. Ensure that all journalists have all information that they need
    Media Partner
Responsible for assisting all media partners, journalists, and all their needs
Responsible for merchandise booth sales and all item
    ID Card Division
Responsible for production, data entry, on gate verification, distribution.
    IT & Multimedia
Responsible for technical support, IT and multimedia related.
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Have you volunteered for the Java Jazz Festival before?
2005      2006      2007      2008      2009      2010      2011      Never
If you have volunteered for the Java Jazz Festival before,
please check the jobs you performed:
Stage Management
Talent Treatment
IT & Multimedia
Sound System
ID Card Division
If you have volunteered for other festivals, music events, or live entertainment venues, please fill in the following:
Organization Duties
Please Check languages spoken.
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Note : Do not register more than one time. Multiple registration will avoid your volunteer registration.