Java Jazz Festival 2014


Cristina Morrison

    Genre : Jazz

    Perform on:
    Friday February 28, 2014
    Lawu Acoustic
    Saturday March 1, 2014
    Lawu Acoustic

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About This Act :

Cristina Morrison is also quite the lyricist as she demonstrates in spades on I Love. Original compositions are beautifully carnal while the title track is a celebration of art and free spirits. This is bright and contemporary jazz singing in the best sense of the word. C. MICHAEL Morrison is the real deal bringing together a nice package with musical chops to spare. An incredibly entertaining and adventurous tour de force that gives up a little something new with each subsequent spin of the disc. A real winner that leaves the listener longing for more! BRENT

Cristina Morrison, or the Baroness as many call her, is a worldly modern gypsy. She is an American-Ecuadorian singer/songwriter/actor/producer and her talent is expressed by bringing together her latin feeling with her love for jazz. In her debut album, I LOVE, she merges different genres which navigate across bossa nova, funk, samba, latin ballad, and straight-ahead. Cristina's STAND STILL track was also released as a remix in January 2013 in the VINTAGE CAFE Lounge & Jazz Blend-Vol 3 disc. Morrison is due to go into the recording studio early 2014 for her second album production. This time joining her is producer/composer/pianist, Misha Piatigorsky, which will also accompany her at this year's Java Jazz Fest. The album promises to be a cross genre/eclectic jazz mix and in which she will be bringing, besides her lyrics, her worldly background by singing in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English. On the acting/producing front, Morrison's latest feature film titled, FERIADO Cristina Morrison, is a worldly modern gypsy. (Holiday), is due to open in 2014, as well.
Cristina has lived in Quito, Los Angeles, Rome, Miami & the Galapagos Islands, which she calls her "soul place" and here is where her muse captures her many times to write and work on the early stages of her productions. She's committed socially to the Islands, as a percentage of her record sales reach out to support "Arteducarte", an educational program through the arts on Isabela Island's public schools. Cristina currently lives in new York City.