Dua Empat (Alvin Ghazalie & Misi Lesar)

Two amazing jazz musician, both guitarist, collaborate together in a project full of love and dedication. Alvin Ghazalie and Misi Lesar, both are graduate from UPH Conservatory of Music and now are rising jazz musician in Indonesia. The concept of this album is the story about their journey together, as musicians, as a couple, as students, and as humans. Telling the story about love, hope, joy, and happiness. Stories about the first time they met, about the vacation they took, about the struggle of daily life, and most of the entire story of how they both now collaborated in an album.

The meaning of “DUA EMPAT” is the number “24”, which is their first date (or jadian in the Indonesian slang). A tradition in Indonesia where couples made the relationship an official one and since been going strong. It was the night before Christmas where Alvin decided to confess his feelings for Misi. Started out at friends who both majored in Guitar, now a power duo. Composing songs that are inspired by great jazz giants such as West Montgomery, Graham Dekter, Russel Malone, and many others. The album will consist of several original collaborating with different vocalist such as; Cantika Abigail, Nesia Ardi, Marini Nainggolan, and Almira Joesoef. Joining this duo is a simple music format consisting of Victor Prabowo on the bass, and Kartika Sebayang on the percussion. Recorded at the famous Shoemaker Studios, and is soon to be released on January 2017.