Dewa Budjana Zentuary

Would earn fame throughout the region with Gigi, founding the iconic band in 1994. More than twenty years later, they are still going strong. Having released 25 albums to date, and solidifying .Their status as one of the biggest, most successful pop rock bands in Indonesia.

Dewa's ambitions on his instrument extend beyond his commercial success, as he has released eight solo albums, exploring his moreadventurous jazz / fusion / progressive side. Dewa saw his audience grow from regional to worldwide, when he joined onto the MoonJune Records label in 2012, releasing four albums to date:

- "Dawai In Paradise" with Peter Erskine, The late Dave Carpenter, Howard Levy

- "Joged Kahyangan" with Peter Erskine, Jimmy Johnson, Larry Goldings, Bob Mintzer; and Janis Siegel

- "Surya Namaskar" a power trio colaboration with greats Vinnie Colaiuta and Jimmy Johnson;

- "Hasta Karma" supported by Pat Metheny Unity Band's Ben Williams, Antonio Sanchez, and Joe Locke.

- "Zentuary" with Jack Dejohnette, Tony Levin, Gary Husband

Dewa has worked with a melange of modern-day icons, including: Grammy Award winner Peter Erskine; Bob Mintzer; Jimmy Johnson; Vinnie Colaiuta; Antonio Sanchez; Larry Goldings; Mike Landau; Guthrie Govan; Jack Dejohnette; Tony Levin; Gary Husband; Tim Garland and more.

Dewa made 2015 a year to remember: realizing a dream, with the "Duaji & Guruji" performance in Bali, together with his life-long guitar idol, the great John McLaughlin

The show concluded in soaring fashion, with Dewa joining John and his band on stage for a rousing climax to an incredible show! His Latest album released on October 2016 "Zentuary" is a double album, Ever ambitious, on this particular outing Dewa is joined by: the iconic modern jazz legend, Jack DeJohnette; progressiverock icon, Tony Levin, and; the multi-talented virtuoso, Gary Husband.

This year db will perform with Shadu Rasjidi on Bass, Demas Narawangsa on Drums, Marthin Siahaan & Irsa Destiwi on Keys, Rega Dauna on Harmonica and Saatsyah on Suling.