Elfa's Singers Feat.Paulinho Garcia & Rega Dauna

Elfa's Singers (Elsis) is one of the public figures who always bears good image. Elsis formed since 1986 and has undergone several personnel changes however did not discourage Elsis and its founder to continue working in music. Because of his persistence in music then Elfa's Singers are described as:

 “ Is a vocal group which has been performing a phenomenal for 29. Years in Indonesia, is a group of 4 persons who have been working Hard as a team with Elfa Secioria and Elfa’s Band, creating, performing and entertaining people in Indonesia  and also out of the country”.

Elfa ‘s Singers :

Elfa is taken from the name of establishing Elfa Secioria,  Singers themselves while the singer which consisted of:

‚Äč1 .Agus wisman (Mr)
2. Yana Rusyana /Yana Julio (Mr)
3. Laxmi Nurul Suci ( Uci Nurul ) (Mrs)
4. Suryani Lalita Zen / Lita Zen (Mrs)