Grace Sahertian

Grace Sahertian is an independent Bandung-born soul singer and songwriter with a viscous soul and jazz music influences inside her blood. She has 2 sides of her musical representation, a soulful, chill, deep and gracious kind of music, and a groovy, upbeat, and passionate one. Both of them has one resemblance; they’re sincere, honest and down to earth as reflected in her daily life. Grace sings with her heart by bringing the audience to be serene and giving an enormous vibe of huge glimpse of what she felt through her music.

Throughout her musical career for more than 10 years, Grace has performed in various distinguished music festivals. She has collaborated with numerous great musicians and bands as well, such as Benny Likumahuwa Connection Jazz (Benny Likumahuwa, Barry Likumahuwa, Edi Syakhroni and Doni Joesran), Venche Manuhutu & Friends. In 2010, she started her involvement in Margo Rising Stars, a band full of bright young musicians initiated by Benny Likumahuwa. Grace is also active in church ministry, performing gospel jazz music with David and Venche Manuhutu. She had a chance to perform a duet with Indonesian living legend Iwan Falls, in Konser Suara Untuk Negeri (2014-2015). 

In 2016, Grace released her first album as s soloist, "HELA", produced by Tesla Manaf. Supported by Demajors Records, digital album "HELA" was released on February 8, 2016, while physical album was released in March 22, 2016 along with her first music video, "Diam". Grace chose "Hela" as a title since the philosophy of ‘Hela’ itself originates from her family name, Sahertian, which means, "to row persistently against enemy". The lyrics from track “Hela” is using Yamdena language, a region in Western Southeast Maluku, which is approximately 200-year-old language and nearly extinct. 

As a celebration of her debut album's launching, on May 14 2016, Grace Sahertian held her first intimate solo concert, Konser HELA: Tracing Back the Roots. The concert was held in Auditorium IFI Bandung, a venue with a capacity of 215 seated audiences. The tickets were sold out.

Better to Love is chosen as her first single, released in 3rd May 2016. When asked why did she choose Better to Love, Grace then answered, "This song tells a fragment of my life journey. I dove deeper to get to know myself better. There was a time when things didn’t go as I expected. Rather than focusing on my self that cause more damage than I realized, I decided to step out outside my comfort zone. My perspective started to shift. I picked out my learning points in life. There are many things around me that needed to be thankful for." This marks a new beginning for Grace Sahertian.