Dhira Bongs

Nadhira Soraya Nasution or usually called Dhira Bongs was born in Jakarta, May 20, 1993.

Dhira Bongs is known in Bandung, Indonesia music scene as a petite girl who travels with a small guitar from stage to stage. She is a singer-songwriter. With a mezzo-soprano voice and a chord progression in her music arrangement, she blends several music genre, such as folk, swing, groove, reggae, polka, etc.

She claims her music to be “Explorative Pop Jazz

She started writing songs in 2006. She became an arranger, composer, music director, and music producer for her album.

She released her first album, "My Precious", in 2013. In the end of 2013, she's going on to the Java tour named "My Precious Tour 2013" at 6 cities in Indonesia (Purwokerto, Kudus, Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang, and Malang) in November 21st, 2013.

Dhira Bongs also carried a mini showcase in May 17th, 2014 at the Butcher's Bill, Bandung, Indonesia.

Dhira Bongs has launched the three singles from her second album, titled "Head Over Heels", the Puncak Pohon Bandung, Really do, and Make me Fall in Love. Puncak Pohon Bandung also contained in the PON XIX and XV PEPARNAS 2016 West Java, Indonesia album compilation

On August 17, 2016 to coincide with the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, Dhira Bongs officially released her digital second album, titled "Head Over Heels" and the CD released by Demajors Independent Music Industry (DIMI) on September 8, 2016

Dhira Bongs has joined several national events, such as Klab Jazz annual event, Zevit Growlympic, Trademark Market VI, Etalage Project, Food Festival, Festival Musik 7 titik: Butterfield Music Frontyard, Ryoshi house of jazz Bali, The Straw Hut Bali : Humpday Hangouts, Halaman Monthly Jazz, Semarang Jelajah Musik, as well as school bazaar in Indonesia, and also fill in a live broadcast on national television, in Indonesia Morning Show program, NET TV and Taman Buaya Beat Club program, TVRI

Not only the national scale event that has become a stage for Dhira Bongs, she also perform in the international event, such as Java Soundsfair 2014, Java Jazz Festival 2015, MonkeyLada Festival 2015, The 8th International Kampoeng Jazz, 6th Jazz Market By The Sea Bali, dan The 39th Jazz Goes To Campus