Yamaha Music Project Presents Glenn Fredly, Yura Yunita, Tulus, Armand Maulana, & Saykoji

For this year Java Jazz Festival, Yamaha Music Project presentation will create a fusion. A fusion that collaborates Pop, Rock, R&B, & Rap genre that packed with fascinating jazz arrangement directed by Bonar Abraham. His jazz music arrangement will accompany Glenn Fredly, Yura Yunita, and Tulus who represent pop and R&B genre, Saykoji with his catchy rap rhyme, and Armand Maulana (Gigi Band) who also known as one of the influential rock singers in Indonesia. They will sing their own song and cover Indonesian and World greatest hits songs with the touch of jazz tunes.


Last but not least, special shout-out to other Yamaha Artist line up who reinforces Yamaha Music Project’s squad. They are Agung Gimbal (drummer), Denny Chasmala (Guitarist), Henry Budidharma (Guitarist), Reza Safrilyan (Percussionist), Sadrach Lukas (Keyboardist), and Kenan Loui Widjaja (Keyboardist)


              “So, make sure to watch the performance of Yamaha Music Project fusion presentation at Java Jazz Festival, on Saturday, 4 March 2017, Hall D2 at 16.45 – 17.45.”