Teddy Adhitya

Singer Teddy Adhitya is moving on with his musical journey. Demands are still high for singles such as “In Your Wonderland” and “Let Me”, which were both released in 2016. These demands brought Teddy to further spotlights from local gigs to touring in Japan and Malaysia, also in 2016.

Now almost a year after the release of “In Your Wonderland”, he is ready to share his debut album “Nothing is Real” with the world. There are seven new songs in addition to the previous two singles. All nine songs are connected, reflection of love stories with different stages in a relationship.

“Nothing is Real” was released digitally on 24 February 2017. Physical copies are also available for purchase in CD format as part of merchandise bundle or to be sold separately at Demajors music stores. The Album Release Showcase was held on 26 February 2017 in Shoemaker Studios Jakarta.

And now almost 1 year, Teddy Adhitya made it to summon in several Music Awards Indonesia. Has been nominated as a Breakthrough Artists Of the Year 2017 in NET 4.0 Net TV Indonesia, and followed by Best R&B/Urban/Hip-Hop Album 2017 in AMI Awards 2017.

And the unexpected was, Teddy won one category in AMI Awards 2017 as a Best of the Best Newcomer of the Year 2017.