The Intersection

Devian Zikri is one of Indonesia’s top saxophonist. He earned his music degree from  Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. He already released 4 (Four) albums in the style of Smooth Jazz.

Learned music since the age of 14 with guitar as first instrument, Devian begins his love of music and started playing in café’s and restaurant at the age of 20, with guitar as his instrument. Fascinating my the great Indonesian Saxophonist, Maryono (RIP), at Jamz Pub Blok M, he learned saxophone at the age of 23. Being a guitarist has a lot of advantage to become a soloist. At the age of 26 he went to berklee college of music in boston and spent four years learning music jazz and graduated with the honorary magna cum laude.

Come back to Indonesia he immediately gains recognition and since then he’s been playing with the Indonesian top musician. Among them are senior musician Ireng Maulana, Purwa Caraka, Bubi Chen etc. He released his first album on 2002, and immediately got nominated by AMI Awards as the best Jazz album of the year. On 2007, a big label in Indonesia. Platinum records sign Devian as their first jazz instrumental artist. On 2008, His first album by Platinum “Freedom of a dream” sold over 12.000 copies across Indonesia. His second album with platinum records in the year of 2012 “Morning Glance” receives nomination from AMI awards also as the best jazz single of the year (The song ‘Andai Saja’). His third album “I Love You” (year 2014) also got well reviewed and one of the album that Indonesian jazz fans add to their collection.

A list of artist that Devian has played as a soloist including Afgan, Dina Mariana, Utha Likumahuwa, Vonny Sumlang, Syaharani, Kerispatih, Toni Q, Kemala Ayu and many more

His newest album, entitled “Hope and Dreams” will be released Januari 2018.