Adhitia Sofyan

Adhitia Sofyan is a singer-songwriter from Jakarta, Indonesia. He started to write acoustic tunes in late 2007, and after he sent some of his songs to an independent chart on a radio station, which two of his song “Adelaide Sky” and “Memilihmu” made it into number ones, his music journey began.

Now Adhitia Sofyan performs on various events based on invitation. From his musical journey he has found some surprises, 2 ICEMA (Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Awards) awards as Favorite Solo Artist and Favorite Singer-Songwriter in 2010, his song “Adelaide Sky” was chosen as an OST for “Kambing Jantan” The Movie directed by Rudi Sudjarwo, he performed on one of the program in national television with famous music director Andi Rianto and his orchestra, he performed four times in Singapore, one was at the famous Mosaic Music Festival in Eplanade, his song “Adelaide Sky” was on the one of the popular car brand vol. 41 “Vision Pearl”, and in mid September 2011 he went on a 10 day tour performing in Japan.