Mondo Gascaro

Mondo Gascaro, is a half Japanese-Indonesian composer, singer-songwriter, and producer. Born in Jakarta, Mondo received his musical exposure early in childhood. Asides from regularly attending the traditional Javanese shadow puppet plays, Mondo  liked to spend his time watching his grandmother playing “Bengawan Solo” on the piano. His father, a singer who loved to sing the old crooners’ songs of Nat King Cole, Sinatra and Bing Crosby, was also responsible for establishing the first Japanese Karaoke Night Club in the country. Music became a daily diet the childhood home.

Although mostly known as the former member of the band SORE (from which he resigned after releasing two albums to critical acclaim), Mondo also composed music for notable Indonesian films such as "Love for Share" (2006), “Forbidden Door” (2009), and "The Ritual" (2012), Hello, Goodbye (2012)

In addition to being a working musician he also runs the record label, Ivy League Music which he started with his wife. Some of the artists he produced are "Payung Teduh" - Dunia Batas (Ivy League Music, 2012); Ayushita – Morning Sugar (Ivy League Music, 2013); Noh Salleh - Angin Kencang (Sony Music, 2014)

In late 2016 Mondo Gascaro released his debut album RAJAKELANA (Ivy League Music) to good reviews in many top publications, including being voted as 2016 Album of the Year by TEMPO Magazine (Indonesia’s prestigious magazine), ranked #2 of 20 Best Albums 2016, by the Rollingstone Indonesia. The album was also released in Japan by the label Production Dessinee (2017).