Java Jive X Fariz RM

JAVAJIVE, the band from the city of Bandung has made a soft launching new single on December 9 last at the Titan Center, Bintaro. The new single was "Dansa Yo Dansa" created by Titiek Puspa. In making this singing JavaJive invites Fariz RM to collaborate.

DANY SPREET, vocalist of JavaJive, said that their reason for covering the song "Dansa Yo Dansa" is as a tribute to the Indonesian music legend Titiek Puspa as the creator of this year's 80th birthday song, to The Rollies who once popularized the song, and to Fariz RM as high school idol who inspire JavaJive to work so that invites him to collaborate in this single. Fariz RM was recently awarded the 'Lifetime Achievement AMI Award 2017'.