A Fine Tuning Creation

A Fine Tuning Creation (AFTC) is a solo project by Aryo Adhianto, Jakarta's electronics adventurist. His mission is to expand the sound, scope, and experience of his childhood dreams to make a unique and captivating musical performance.

A futurist of boundless energy, AFTC's roots go baack between years in many forms of music including jazz, pop, classical, experimental, dance, theatre music and more. His deep involvement in the progressive and innovative Space System electronic ensemble, also in the culture-based initiatives such as "GAUNG: 21st Century Global Music Education", "Rhythm Salad: A Bowl of Roots Music", and "INTRASIA: Intra Arts of Indonesia" were a critical factor in AFTC's transition to the boldly creative and versatile musician/performer he is today.

AFTC performed in various events and venues such as Pidato Kebudayaan Dewan Kesenian Jakarta at Teater Besar Taman Ismail Marzuki, RRRec Fest at Museum Nasional, and Java Jazz Festival 2017 at Pekan Raya Jakarta to name a few. Currently, A Fine Tuning Creation is preparing his mini album, "Musik Hidup", coming out on March 2018 on Kid O Records, consists of AFTC's live performances in many occassions throughtout 2016-2017.