Hajarbleh Big Band

hajarbleh /ˈhɑdʒɑrbleəʳh/ verb

Indonesian slang for  1 Just Do It!  2 Just Play It!  3 Don’t Be Afraid of Mistakes!  4 Keep on Positive!


HajarBleh Big Band is not just a big band that stereotypically plays swing. Since 2010, they stepping up the game in various formations according to the needs. After many performances on Indonesia’s music scenes such as Java Jazz Festival, Jazz Atas Awan, Solo City Jazz, Jazz Traffic Surabaya, Jazz Goes To Campus, and also, parade in shopping mall, story telling to a bunch of hilarious kids, flash mob in traditional market as part of celebrating International Jazz Day, finally they performed at the biggest Eurasian Festival in the world and one of the biggest festival in Europe, Tong Tong Fair in Den Haag, The Netherlands with set list of Archipelago Anthem (Nusantara Songs such as Tope Gugu, Tak Tong Tong, Janger, etc) and arguably the first Indonesian Big Band ever invited to the festival in Europe. This experience marked as one of the greatest milestone of the history of Big Band in Indonesia. HajarBleh Big Band is honored to become the part of history itself.

Earlier this year, HajarBleh Big Band take another step in the industry to arrange and making the soundtrack of “Benyamin Biang Kerok”, with Reza Rahadian starring as the legendary Indonesian virtuoso, Benyamin Sueb.

This year, on glorious stage of Java Jazz Festival, they will bring back the era of awesomeness from 60’s to 80’s vintage of funk, soul, RnB, Disco with a whole lot of groove. Those 20+ members of ‘crazy gang’ (a name given by Jazzuality) will bring the joy of playing, harmony, freedom and definitely Unboxing The Soul! So make sure you bring all your energy together to fill up the floor with the beat & dance the night away.