Saxx in The City

SAXX IN THE CITY concept (@SaxxintheCity) born in December 2015, initiated by Nicky Manuputty (@saxxattack) with his friends Ryan Tjiptahardja (@saxbistro) and Michael Eric Kurniawan (@michaelericlie). It was all started by the desire to carry different concepts of music with four top saxophonists in multi-genre (pop, dance, R&B, soul, jazz) in the same stage.

SAXX IN THE CITY members are Nicky Manuputty (@saxxattack - sessionist for Andre Hehanusa, Glenn Fredly, Tompi, Barry Likumahuwa, Idang Rasjidi, Ruth Sahanaya, Ello, Sandy Sandhoro), Dame Nababan (@dameznabababan - sessionist for Tompi, Teza Sumendra, Trio Lestari, Harry Toledo, Lala Suwages, Glenn Fredly, Ari Lasso, Afgan), Tommy Pratomo (@imotimot - sessionist for Raisa, Marcell, Hivi!, KuntoAji, Barry Likumahuwa, Matthew Sayerz, Soulvibe, Barasuara, Gruvi), dan Bayu Isman (@bayuisman - sessionist for Fariz RM, Reza Artamevia, Barry Likumahuwa, Benny Likumahuwa, HIVI!, RAN, Maliq & D’Essentials, The Groove, Calvin Jeremy, Matthew Sayersz). SAXX IN THE CITY started showcases & workshops around Jakarta-Tangerang. First showcase done in May 2016 at a cafe in Tangerang; and continued until eleven showcases & workshops in Kelapa Gading until Kuningan area throughout 2016 and was succesfully to make any places they visited having full reservation.

In early 2017, SAXX IN THE CITY started to collaborate with Teza Sumendra as featuring artist on the first single entitled “In The Night” and continued with small tour around Java & Bali Island. 12 Februari 2017 became the beginning of the show in Malang city and continued to Surabaya, Solo, Bali, ended in Jakarta on 18 Februari 2017. Following from the tour, with the support from Glenn Fredly, SAXX IN THE CITY started their own digital single distribution in cooperation with #MusikBagus Indonesia. The single “In The Night” already at the digital market since 31 Maret 2017.

SAXX IN THE CITY has done its first international show on 1 April 2017 at Singapore Jazz Festival – The Late Show, Marina Bay Sands. They have also done performances at International Jazz Day 2017 (fx Sudirman), Prambanan Jazz Festival 2017 (Jogjakarta), #MusikBagus Day (Cilandak Town Square), Seni Beta (Moluccan Island), and several other private shows.

They planned to release their first album this 2018.