Sheila and The Upmost

Sheila Permatasaka was born in Jakarta on March 4, 1984. She has been playing bass since 2003. She has been a bassist for some of Indonesia's best singers, such as Gita Gutawa, Dewi Sandra, Vidi Aldiano, Mike Mohede, Denada, and many more again, as well as playing in many festivals and jazz communities in the country and abroad, as well as many types of art performances with various genres.

In the beginning of 2017, Sheila decided to make a bass solo album with the help of her several friends who combined in a band, named The Upmost. Sheila and the Upmost album consists of 6 songs with mostly original works from Sheila and produced by Yessi Kristianto and Indra Aryadi. Several musicians who helped in the album quite a lot, 5 instrumental songs in the album is filled by different drummer, among others Echa Soemantri, Handy Salim, Jeane Phialsa, Dimas Pradipta, and drummer from Australia, Brody Simpson. One song with lyrics is the song Pengantar Lelap (Lullaby), sung by Evelyne Hutagalung and is a song dedicated to the child of Sheila named Hans.