BJ Dixieland

Benny Mustafa who was born in Jakarta, 22 September 1939 with the full name of Benny Mustafa Van Diest, is an all-round drummer. He has joined many musical groups in Indonesia, one of the famous Eka Sapta music groups in the 60s, and he has also joined several jazz groups playing dixieland, swing, cool jazz, bebop, hardbop to jazz latin.

He started learning to play drums at the age of 18. In 1967 with Jack Lesmana, Bubi Chen, Maryono and Jopie Chen joined the Indonesian All Stars music group.


Jeffrey Tahalele, Jeffrey Edmond William Tahalele, who was born in Surabaya on June 7, 1956, started his musical career after high school, since he was still in Surabaya until he moved to Jakarta. Early career as a musician, he had time to play pop music, rock, even a session player at that time for some singers or musicians, such as Ruth Sahanaya, Erwin Gutawa Orchestra, Ikang Fawzi, and others. In the development of his career, he met with Jack Lesmana and pursue the world of jazz. He also joined the Java Jazz Group, Jakarta All Stars, Indonesian All Stars, and performed at domestic jazz festivals to foreign countries.


BJ Dixieland is a Group formed by Benny Mustafa.

Together with Jeffrey Tahalele, they make this group a Music Group bringing Dixieland songs, called BJ (Benny - Jeffrey) Dixieland.


Dixieland itself is one type of music that until now not much played by musicians in Indonesia.

For this reason, Benny Mustafa & Jeffrey Tahalele at the Java Jazz Festival will be performing in collaboration with several other Jazz Musicians, such as Arief Setiadi, Tiyo Alibasjah, Nesia Ardi, Idham Noorsaid, and others, bringing Dixieland nuanced songs.