From the beginning of the MLDare2Perfom Season 2 registration section in October 2016 at site until closing at the end of November 2016, the enthusiasm of being registered offline and online is very high, proving more than 390 uploaded videos.

All videos are directly selected simultaneously by the judges through Sealed Judgment where 5 participants from 6 categories that pass to the next stage will appear directly before the judges.

The 30 participants from various regions in Indonesia were presented in Jakarta to participate in a series of activities from Final Audition MLDare2Perfom Season 2, where in the series of activities no one appeared directly before the jury, they are the first workshop with the topic "Music Industry Digital "by Aldo Sianturi from Believe / Good Music," Music Production "by Ronald Steven and" Jazz Musician Sharing "by Barry Likumahuwa. This workshop aims to provide a stock of knowledge about the music industry in Indonesia today from the side of digital music and a career in Jazz music.