Musicater - Cerita Fatmawati

History is fundamental in the life of nation, state and culture but often history is considered boring and less interesting. Often we lack the data or even interest to find out about the history of our nation.

The history of Indonesian Independence is very much in its version, depending on which point of view we see it.

By raising the story from the perspective of Ibu Fatmawati certainly gives color and more knowledge to understand the struggle of the Indonesian people in the past. The concept of MusiCater to unite the past and present interpret with Music and Lyric will certainly be a unique show and rich in the history of the nation.

"Cerita Fatmawati" elevates Indonesia's Independence story from the perspective of Ibu Fatmawati, Arini Kumara and Christian Bong created 9 (nine) original compositions to support the storyline.

"Cerita Fatmawati ", the story of independence championed by Hero Indonesia has reached its peak when the first President of Indonesia Ir. Soekarno declared the speech of Indonesian Independence on August 17, 1945.

What about the story of Mrs. Fatmawati who accompanied Bung Karno to gain Indonesian independence? The Story of the First Lady who sewed the banner of Sang Saka Merah Putih in Modern Opera.

Casually brought to the accompaniment of pop music with simple lyrics but is expected to touch the heart and open the minds of listeners.

Carrying the theme of Indonesian Independence, viewed from a different perspective, tells the romance and struggle of First Lady of Indonesia narrated through the music of pop so light, easy to digest but still full of historical information.