The Diplomats

Among endless negotiations and conferences to defend the interest of Indonesia's foreign policy, we from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia want to sing and jam with you.

Introducing the Diplomats, composed from junior to senior diplomats of Indonesia. We have been jammin since 2006 including in JakJazz and Java Jazz Festivals (2006, 2007, 2008, 2015, and 2016). We play wide range of music genres from jazz, ballads, rock and Indonesian songs. We assure you that we will be jammin our way to your heart and jazz up the day.

In Java Jazz 2018, we will have a special appearance from our beloved Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Mrs. Retno L.P. Marsudi. Minister Retno will join the Diplomats to show her keen interest in music, and to jazz up the stage. Come and check out our performance!