Yamaha Music Project (Glenn Fredly, Andra Ramadhan, Tompi, Sandhy Sondoro, Kafin Sulthan)

This is the 6th  year Yamaha Music Project performed at the Java Jazz Festival event. Yamaha Music Project always show different musical concepts from year to year in cooperation with a series of top Indonesian’s musicians. In this year's Java Jazz Festival, Yamaha Music Project still features Glenn fredly as Yamaha Brand Ambasador, in collaboration with Bonar Abraham (Yamaha Bass Endorsee) as Music Director.


Raising 90s era music, Yamaha Music Project will collaborate with Tompi, Sandhy Sondoro, Kafin Sulthan (Diatas Rata Rata), and special performance from Andra Ramadhan, guitarist Dewa19 and Andra & The Backbone. Kafin Sultan and Andra Ramadan will certainly bring new colors on the music that carried Yamaha Music Project. Be sure to watch their performance at the Java Jazz Festival 2018. "