Goodluck Heiwa

In 2004, this instrumental duo was formed by high school classmates, Takuji Nomura (Keyboard) and Daichi Ito (Drums and Whistle). Their unique sound is made of elements of New Orleans, R&B, Minimal, Exotic, Fusion, Stride piano, and Breakbeats, mixed with Game music and Pops. Even if there are only 2 members of the band, their liver performance is highly valued as explosive groove, so that they have been played in lots of Japanese festivals such as, Fuji Rock, Rising Sun and Countdown Japan.

So far they have released “GOODLUCKHEIWA (2006)”, “Patchwork (2008)” and “Thunder (2009)” and other limited version of singles. They took hiatus in 2009 and started the band again in the end of 2013. Did sold out 16 gigs in September 2016 which was first tour after their break. Right now making their new album.

Both have been doing various music activities. One of them was an instrumental band “SAKEROCK” which was their starting point of career in music scene. The band broke up in June 2015 and their last gig was held at famous Sumo wrestling venue in Tokyo, Ryogoku Kokugikan, played before lucky 10,000 fans who could get hold of the tickets.

Takuji Nomura also produces film and commercial music. He did film score for “Wood Job! (2014)” and “Survival Family (2017)” which were directed by Shinobu Yaguchi (Received 5 awards in 28 th Japanese Academy Award).

Daichi Ito is recording or supporting live with Japanese famous artists, such as Haruomi Hosono (Yellow Magic Orchestra), Tamio Okuda, Shigeru Kishida, Gen Hoshino and so on.