RELISH are set to perform at this year’s Java Jazz International Music Festival in Jakarta, the biggest music festival in southeast Asia, among other Asian and European live appearances in the Summer of 2018. Since making an impact on the Indonesian consciousness with the hit single “You I’m Thinking Of” from their album “Wildflowers”, it’s taken some years for RELISH to make their long awaited debut in Indonesia and the Papenfus brothers, Kenny and Carl, are thrilled at the opportunity. Our glimpse into Indonesia has been watching YouTube videos of cover versions of our songs, especially “You I’m Thinking Of” by stars and rising stars in Indonesia and we’ve been touched by it. It’s been like a huge hug across the waters said drummer Carl. As a lover of Pencak Silat, Indonesian culture is very close to Kenny’s heart - We’ve known for some time there’s been a lot of love for us there and it’s going to be very special to experience the music, the people, the culture and all that Indonesia has to offer. We already feel close to the country though we haven’t yet set foot there. For us, it’ll be an experience like no other says singer guitarist Kenny.

After co-writing and performing the soundtrack for Oscar winning director John Carney’s latest Hollywood movie “Sing Street” (nominated for a Golden Globe in 2017), and touring the world as part of Sinead O’Connor’s band, (producing & performing her track for the Blind Willie Johnson Tribute album “God Don’t Never Change”), Kenny and Carl finally returned to the stage in support of their re-release of ‘Wildflowers’ and ‘Karma Calling’ in Ireland through a new deal with Universal Music, and made a big impact with the new track that accompanied it “Got It Made”.

Though not officially released as a stand-alone single it reached the top 20 twenty of the Irish airplay charts.

As a 3 piece over the course of 3 albums and various hit singles over the last 15 years, brothers Kenny and Carl Papenfus, the nucleus and song-writing force of platinum selling band RELISH, came back as a duo though presenting a strong 5 piece line up for their immensely popular live shows; selling out Whelans (Dublin) at their tentatively planned Irish tour in late 2015.

We thought we’d be best placed to keep the atmosphere hot, sweaty in more intimate settings before stepping it up a gear for bigger shows and it seemed to work”, said drummer Carl.

And of their new format:

 ‘There have been a number of bands over the years importantly “The White Stripes” and “The Black Keys” that reminded us of our early years, before we’d even played with other musicians, when Ken and I would simply jam out in our rehearsal room. It’s something we always continued to do but those bands helped us realise this as a possibility for us too. We may not be tied to the duo format but the spirit remains the same.’

Having had pop hits and rock hits RELISH have always blurred the lines between genres, but with success from Asia to the UK and supporting bands as diverse as U2, At The Drive In and Kelis, and admirers ranging from Brian May, to Sinead O’Connor, to Paul Weller, to U2, RELISH have created their own place to exist, breaking down musical barriers with every new release.

Previous releases saw RELISH work with such acclaimed producers as John Leckie (Radiohead/The Stone Roses) and Al Clay (Stereophonics/The Pixies). Highlights have seen 4 chart-topping Irish singles, No1 in the Japanese airplay charts and even the unlikely request from Westlife to cover their single ‘Rainbow Zephyr’ reworked as ‘Hey Whatever’ which was a UK Top 5 and international hit. Past RELISH releases have proven gold and platinum selling albums.

Though external projects outside of RELISH have proved interesting, from playing lead guitar with Paul Weller to performing the lead role in Julian Joseph’s jazz opera “Tristan & Isolde” (culminating in a live performance at London’s Royal Opera House), to creating a boutique distribution, marketing and record label (High Altitude Recordings) Kenny expressed that:                                                       

'Working with great music and the finest musicians has always been our raison d’etre, and I think that’s what keeps our love of music alive, in whatever form be that RELISH or whatever else, BUT RELISH, as in Carl and I working together as a team, has always been our greatest love’