Pianist Marvio Ciribelli and Brazilian Samba-Jazz Group

Marvio Ciribelli shows new compositions and creative arrangements to Brazilian classics such as tunes of Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque, Baden Powell... Furthermore, he still adds his creativity and enthusiasm, obtaining a Brazilian Jazz that distinguishes itself by its Quality and Identity, Class and Category.

Marvio Ciribelli had performed in events, as The Montreux Jazz FesMval (Switzerland), in four times; The Java Jazz Festival (Indonesia) in 2014; The celebration of the 50 years of Bossa Nova, in France (La Place Bellecour, Lyon, with 25,000 people in the audience); the festivals "Blue Planet in Concert” (Munich, Germany), “Montreux Meets Brienz" (Brienz, Switzerland), and national events, as the festivals Mauá Jazz and Ibitipoca Jazz (MG).

With a classical background, Marvio Ciribelli shows control of his instrument and a vast pallet of ways of expressing himself, building his own language. He has several albums recorded, three of them, recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

His lastest release is 'Vogue Samba-Jazz with a lot of the best musicians in Brasil plus foreigners Tom Bergeron and Raquel Cepeda. The CD 'Nazareth na Confraria' counts with American singer Freddy Cole as a special guest, interpreting the Bossa Nova 'Stay', collaboration of Marvio with brazilian composer Marcos Valle. With english singer John Lawton (Uriah Heep) and dutch guitarrist Jan Dumée, Ciribelli recorded the album OTR 'Mamonama' released in Europe. With members of Dutch Rock band ‘Focus’ (Thijs van Leer, Pierre van der Linden, Jan Dumée and Bobby Jacobs), Ciribelli has recorded the new Album ‘Beyond The Horizon’ (Focus 8,5 in the BriMsh EdiMon)

Marvio Ciribelli had formerly performed with artists as Thaís Moma (producing her album "Minha Estação” and her career for 9 years), Bibi Ferreira, Vanessa Rangel, Nilze Carvalho, Sonia Santos and the instrumentalists Chico Batera (Chico Buarque's percussionist); Sidinho Moreira (Paul Simon's percussionist); Arthur Maia (Gilberto Gil's bass player); Marcio Bahia (Hermeto Pascoal's drummer); Marcelo Martins (Djavan and Ivan Lins' sax player); Marcelo Salazar (percussionist) and Alex Malheiros & Mamão (Azymuth's bassist and drummer).

A piano teacher of Brazilian music and improvisaMon, Marvio Ciribelli held workshops for professionals and students from all the world. One of them took place in Los Angeles, USA, invited by The International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE). The musician Jamey Aebersold, one of the most important authors of books and CDs about jazz and improvisation, attended his workshop.

In addition, Marvio was responsible for the composition of the soundtrack for the film "A Terceira Morte de Joaquim Bolivar", directed by Flavio Candido.

With so much love of the music, Marvio Ciribelli seeks to continually develop, create, and share their musical artistry with the world. Having started playing at a young age (11 yo), Marvio Ciribelli has acquired years of experience on stage.

Marvio Ciribelli will be with his own Band in Jakarta to the Java Jazz Festival: Flavinho Santos (drums and percussion), Adalberto Miranda (guitar and bass), Japão (percussion and guitar) and Sheila Sá (vocals).