Ron King Big Band


Ron King is one of the finest trumpet / composer /arranger artists in the world today. A Grammy nominated soloist, he is also one of L.A.’s top studio lead and jazz trumpet players. 

He also has performed and recorded with every jazz “Big Band” in L.A., including “Bill Holman”, “Clayton Hamilton”,”Don Menza”, and many others.

He’s played for countless television, commercial and movie soundtracks, including “Ocean’s 11”.

Ron has played on 11 Grammy-nominated projects and 15 Grammy Award winning albums, and 1 Oscar winning movie, "Children of a Lesser God".

Since 2018 Ron has focused his efforts in Smooth Jazz. Working together with Paul Brown they came-up with Ron's first smooth jazz album "Downtown Mama". Produced by and featuring Paul Brown. Six singles were released from the album and their campaigns ran for months. The album received rave reviews and had several "Top Ten" hits. "Mellow Out", "Chicago Song", "Groovin' on Down", and "You Move Me", were amongst the front-runners.

Presently Ron has just completed his 2nd smooth jazz album, entitled "Cascade". Debuting with the title track. This album was produced by and features Paul Brown. The album features nine spectacular songs, co-written by Ron King, Paul Brown, Shane Theriot, Bob Baldwin, Joe Wolf, and Bill Steinway. Ron King has been recording and performing with many of the Smooth Jazz artists for years, including Paul Brown, Jeff Lorber, Brian Simpson, and George Benson, to mention just a few.