Incognito, a renowned jazz collective, has released their 19th studio album, Into You, via Splash Blue. Produced by Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick, the album blends jazz, funk, and soul energy, aiming to keep the band's music relevant and forward-looking. The album features classic funk, soul, and jazz without losing their identity. Incognito's 19th studio album is their first to be released on Bluey's label, Splash Blue. The album showcases the band's signature silky smooth vibes and versatility, with tracks like 'Into You', 'The Lowrider', and 'Back On The Beach'. The album is a pivotal release for Incognito, as it marks their first double-album and the first to be released on Bluey's label. The band has played with over 1500 talented individuals and established long-standing relationships with key music industry figures. Bluey created Incognito as the UK's first musical jazz, funk, and soul collective, with an ever-changing line-up focusing on championing exciting young talent and giving them the platform to work with legendary musicians. With over 1500 talented individuals playing in Incognito over the years, the changing line-up is a key strength of the band.