Gary Anthony with Ron King Big Band


Gary Anthony, a Grammy-winning Premier Frank Sinatra tribute artist, has gained recognition for his voice, likeness, mannerisms, and easy-going gracious style. With 50 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Anthony has become the most requested reincarnation of Frank Sinatra. He has performed in Las Vegas for over 23 years and has embodied Sinatra's love, passion, and story within his songs. Anthony has spent most of his life in show business, singing various styles of music. Growing up in a musical family, Anthony began singing at the age of ten and later formed the family musical group "THE ALLENS." He has appeared on numerous TV spots and commercials to replicate Sinatra, including a 90-minute tribute on AXS TV. Anthony has also been asked to join well-known artists for jazz festivals and has performed with Ron King and his All-Star Big Band.

As a child, the author was deeply influenced by the music of the "Golden era" and Frank Sinatra, leading them to pursue a career in showbiz. They started singing in their father's band at the age of seven and were inspired by Sinatra's album "Sinatra at the Sands." In the early 90s, the author decided to keep the passion alive and pass it onto the generation of today. Gary Anthony, who performed as Sinatra, had the audience clapping loudly and had the audience clapping loudly. Anthony's performance of "Fly Me to the Moon" combined slick moves and an engaging smile, making his singing highly enjoyable. He also embodied Sinatra in voice, mannerism, and even Frank's soft interaction with his audience. Anthony's uncanny sound cuts through the artifice and conjures a time when there was a true Chairman of the Board. He sticks mostly to Sinatra's big hits, and his training as a dancer has gone to great lengths to mimic Sinatra's macho stance and cool movements.