Adjani Feat. Sri Hanuraga


Namira Adjani is an Indonesian pop-jazz musician born on December 8, 1999. She started taking vocal lessons when she was very young and perfected her potential by participating in musicals and numerous singing competitions. Her passion for music is shown through several singles released to the public. She debuted in 2021 with "Kamu", written by Adjani and lyas Pras and produced by Otti Jamalus. Her next single "Biar Berlalu", is composed by the legendary Yoseph Sitompul. Following the release of the preceding single, Adjani then released "Tak Ada Salahnya" and "Berdua?", which has become the fan favorite. The simple message and the easy-listening touch of notation delivered in each song bring Adjani's hope that the works she has released will gain a special place and love from her fans.