Ardhito Pramono


Ardhito Rifqi Pramono, nicknamed Ardhito or Dhito is a singer and songwriter from Indonesia. Besides being a singer, Ardhito was a creative planner and music director. He has also been involved with the cultivation of a short film and web-series.

The advancement of the digital world, Ardhito used to upload music that he created since 2013, when he was still studying at JMC Academy, Australia, Film Department. First appearing on YouTube, he covered AJ Rafael's songs like She Was Mine. A year later after graduating from college, precisely in 2014, he began to be known by many people. He also created songs to be recorded into videos. His first song was titled I Placed My Heart, then followed by the song What Do You Feel About Me. The second song became one of the most watched songs. Before YouTube, he also had time to use other digital channels such as Soundcloud and MySpace. However, right now he is focused on YouTube, "because YouTube is the platform most often used to play / search for new music".