Bilal Indrajaya


Bilal Indrajaya is a singer and songwriter from Jakarta who is known for his melancholic style of old soul music. ?His passion in music sparked after meeting  drummer Widi Puradiredja and  guitarist Vega Antares. Not long after, "Biar" was born in 2015, which was only officially released after three years later. ? In the same year, Bilal released his first mini album titled "Purnama". Containing 6 tracks, this EP more or less describes Bilal's musical direction as a baritone singer who has a unique musical character and an old soul. ? In 2021, Bilal re-released "Niscaya". This song, which was produced by Laleilmanino, is a turning point for him as a musician - a song that opens his musical horizons to a more creative landscape with a pop musical direction wrapped in jazzy nuances. ? This year, Bilal Indrajaya was officially signed by Aksara Records, a legendary record label that houses several big names in the 2000s era from SORE, White Shoes and The Couples Company, The Adams and many more. ? "Saujana" became the debut single as well as Bilal Indrajaya's debut professionally through Aksara Records. He has numerous exciting releases in store which are something worth being thrilled for.