Casté is a Jakarta-based alternative pop independent band formed in July 2018. Fronted by singer and songwriter Ikalya, the band also features Rahardika as the lead guitarist, Naufal on bass, and Farhan on the drum. Long before the band was formed,Rahardika and the boys had already been in a band together then joined by Ikalya whois a long-time best friend of Rahardika as the vocalist. Casté began their journey with “Vacation” as their debut single in March 2019 through the blends of city pop with a glimpse of groovy jazz tunes, marking their plunge into the Indonesia music scene. Performing from small gigs to one of the biggest music festivals in Indonesia, Casté was experimenting to expand their sound and push boundaries in between. They put together the differences of their music preference and strive to create genuine music inspired by everyday life. Merging the quintessential of jazz-inflected beats with pop and R&B, Casté sails with it sdebut album ‘Temptation’ featuring 9 dynamic, heartfelt tracks.