Aside from Christianto Ario's moniker, Kurosuke could be many things. That wholesome feeling when you see that long awaited text from your lover popped. A surprisingly beautiful sunset after a long and exhausting day. Strangers being strangely nice on the street without any reason. Old friend randomly sends you a hilarious picture from back in the day. All of the above, and so much more. The last thing that you want to do is to dwarf Kurosuke's sound and songwriting into a singular definition. His simplicity thrives in gray uncharted territories: It is familiar, but foreign at the same time. It sounds classic but undeniably modern and relevant. His music makes me feel nostalgic about the past, grateful about the present and weirdly hopeful about the future.

Kurosuke music doesn't catapult you to become the main character of your story, it elevates you to join everyone's slice of life. The heartbreak, the bittersweet and the mundane repetition of life it is all captured in Kurosuke deep, practical yet tender exploration. Kurosuke music puts you on the director's seat. After an impressive self titled Kurosuke album in 2018 and The Tales of Rose and Wine in 2019, Kurosuke is back with his latest gem namely Distant Memories. Eight diverse but equally joyful tracks that celebrate life, love and all of its mysteries. The album also marks Ario's newly found enlightenment around his personal journey of acceptance and relationship with his surroundings.