Nadhif Basalamah


Nadhif Basalamah is a 23 years old singer songwriter from the bustling city of Jakarta, Indonesia. To Nadhif, songwriting has always been a means to express the things he experienced growing up. Nadhif released his first ever song titled 'After School Sad Session' in 2018 garnering more than 14 million streams to date. Despite being in the midst of pursuing his bachelor's degree in London, Nadhif has released 5 other singles following the success of 'After School Sad Session' for his listeners back home. 

Stuck at home and bored like every single one of us during pandemic, Nadhif has written more songs which can be listened to in his latest EP, “wonder in time”. In 2023, he has released his very first single in Bahasa Indonesia called “penjaga hati” which got featured on Global Charts. 

His new single "tiba-tiba jumat lagi" from the upcoming debut album was released in the early 2024.