Project Pop


Project Pop is a comedy music group from Bandung, Indonesia. The members come from the comedy group "Padhyangan" which was formed in June 1996 and is made up of students from the Faculty of Letters, Universitas Padjadjaran and the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Katholik Parahyangan. The word "Padhayangan" itself stands for Padjadjaran and Parahyangan.

Project Pop was established in 1996 with personnel Gumilar Nurochman (Gugum), Wahyu Rudi Astadi (Odie), Muhammad Fachroni (Oon, deceased), Kartika Rachel Panggabean (Tika), Djoni Permato (Udjo), Hermann Josis Mokalu (Yosi) who are the regeneration of their older brothers P-Project.

Project Pop has a slightly different concept from its older brothers in making albums, if P-Project parodies songs that have been famous before, then Project Pop makes new songs that are full of creative comedy elements. From 1996-2012, Project Pop has released 8 albums under Musica Studio's banner such as Lumpia Vs Bakpia, Tu Wa Ga Pat, Bli Dong Plis, Pop OK, Pop Circus, Six a Six, Top Of The Pop and You Got Pop.

Now the group only has 5 members since Oon passed away on January 13, 2017 #5bodies6soul