Rafi Sudirman


Rafi Sudirman is a singer-songwriter, producer and a multi-instrumentalist musician based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He wrote, produced, arranged, mixed, and mastered his first song "Goodnight" and his first EP "Scenery." His career started when he was a kid. He joined Erwin Gutawa and Gita Gutawa's project "Diatas Rata-Rata" until 2019. He won AMI Award for "Best Male Child Solo Artist" in 2017.

In November 2022, Rafi released a self- written new EP, "Endlessly" - with two leading new tracks, "Faraway" & "Endlessly". In January 2023, he released a remake of "Heaven" by Maliq & D'Essentials. With Dipha Barus producing the song, Rafi made a breakthrough in the music industry.