Rahmania Astrini


Born on July 4, 2001, Rahmania Astrini is a talented young R&B singer and songwriter who's ready to shake Indonesians' hearts. She has released several singles and EP such as “Menua Bersama”, “It's Amazing”, and “Shush”. Her first self-written English song, “It's Amazing” was charting in 6 countries.

Rahmania Astrini won the AMI Awards for the "Best Soul/R&B Female Solo Artist" in 2021 for the song “Runaway” written by herself. She also had won the same category in 2019 for the song “It's Amazing”. In total, Rahmania Astrini’s songs have been streamed for more than 35 million times across digital streaming platforms and her (music) videos have been watched millions times on Youtube.

She did collaboration several times with international artists and producer such as Wafia (Australia) and Connor Mathews (US). For the single “Shush” Rahmania Astrini had the honor and privilege to work and collaborate with Toby Gad, Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer.