Suara Kayu


Suara Kayu is a music duo from Jakarta with members Ingrid Tamara as a ukulele player and guitarist, Dewangga Elsandro. Formed in May 2020, this duo brings pop folk music. Starting from a Youtube collaboration, continuing to the songwriting session until finally releasing the first single entitled " Miniatur " which had occupied the first position of the Top 50 Viral charts on Spotify and has now been heard more than 5 million times. Suara Kayu joined Warner Music Indonesia record label in October 2020 and has released their first mini album titled "Suara Kita, Cerita Kamu". Their singles include " Miniatur", "Kaktus", "Drama Korea", and " Penghapus Pensil". In 2020, Suara Kayu released the song "Superhero" featuring Chintya Gabriella. Most recently in 2021, they recycled the song " Miniatur" in Korean. Ingrid and Angga also regularly collaborate with content creators from various regions. The collaboration entitled 'Mini-a-Tour' was carried out with musicians and YouTube creators in Bandung, Jogja, Semarang and Surabaya.