Thiago Genthil With Barry Likumahuwa


Thiago Genthil, a singer, actor, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from Rio de Janeiro, has released 35 songs with two original albums, EPs, and singles. His first album, "Thiago Genthil," featured big names in Brazilian music and earned him an invitation to perform at the Java Jazz Festival Indonesia in 2014. He toured Europe in 2014 and 2016 with his second album, "Tempo de Ser," directed by Leandro Braga. In 2020, he released the EP "O Nosso Amor é Bem Maior" and his version of "Quase um Segundo." Thiago has performed shows like "Baile" and "Voz, guitar e histories around the world" in Rio de Janeiro. In 2023, he premiered the show Canta Djavan at Beco das Garrafas and Audio Rebel.