Fusion Stuff


Fusion Stuff was formed on May 11th, 2012 by its keyboard player Krishna Siregar. The band based in Jakarta Indonesia and consists of a combination between musicians who have been around in the music business for quiet long time such as Krishna Siregar (Keyboards) himself and his long time friend Kadek Rihardika (Guitar) & some of very talented young guns such as Damez Nababan (Alto Sax), Franky Sadikin (Bass), and also the youngest & the only female in the band Jeane Phialsa (Drums).

The idea to form the band came into Krishna’s mind in 2008, but just been realized in the year of 2012 due to his other activities in other projects. When finally decided to form a group, he contacted the few names that he’s been keeping in his mind for years to play along with him in a band that plays the real fusion/Jazz rock genre without any additional ethnic musical instruments that now is getting much in Indonesia. So, it’s a kind of “back to basic” and it’s like bringing back the legacy of fusion genre from the era of 80’s but in a modern package. The name “Fusion Stuff” has been chosen due to the genre they play.

Ever since that time, the group did some tours in several places in and out of Jakarta. After playing together for one year, the band decided to record their original compositions in an album called “The Battle”.

In the future, Fusion Stuff hopes that their music will be accepted by the music lovers (especially those who love jazz music) and enrich the music world in Indonesia