Rio Moreno Latin Combo


In 2009, pianist Rio Moreno formed the Latin Jazz Trio, the best trio for Latin Jazz music in Indonesia. The trio, consisting of Demas Narawangsa as drummer and Zoltan Renaldi on bass, performed on jazz stages such as the Jajan Jazz community and Margocity Jazz. Rio, inspired by idol musicians Michel Camilo and Arturo Sandoval, believes Latin jazz is the most easily accepted and digested type of jazz music by the Indonesian people.

Rio is optimistic about his jazz music and plans to continue popularizing it to the wider Indonesian community. In 2011, he formed Latin Combo with his old friend Cecillia Beasley to play traditional Latin music like bolero, cha cha, and salsa. In 2012, he released his first solo album, "eL Montuno," which received a nomination for Best Jazz Album in the 2013 AMI Music Award. With a new line-up of Bekti Sudiro, Handy Salim, Caecillia, Wandi, and Yoram Lopez, Rio hopes his album will become a milestone for the repertoire and development of music in Indonesia, especially Latin Jazz.