Alex Teh


Alex Teh is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Jakarta, Indonesia. Going through various seasons in her life, she discovered two things that remain constant, the guitar and her voice. Writing songs became the best way to be honest with herself and realize her feelings.

Growing up, she was exposed to different genres of music. Influenced by Pop, Folk, and Jazz sounds she expresses her feelings of heartbreak, dreams and purpose. Ultimately, she hopes to be relatable with her music and inspire others with her stories.

Introduced as a newcomer, previously collaborating with artists such as Otti Jamalus and Adhitia Sofyan in the Java Jazz Festival. Having lived in Melbourne, she continues to have fun with her music, performing in events such as PPIA Victoria Alun-Alun: Kelap-Kelip Kota Tua 2023 and many others. With this, she hopes to keep growing and maintaining her authenticity in her songwriting through her music.