Sandhy Sondoro & The Jazzwarazz


Sandhy Sondoro, a talented musician, moved to Germany to study architecture. He changed his last name from "Soendhoro" to "Sondoro" to better pronounce it, as many people struggled with pronunciation. His music is influenced by American and British rock legends like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, with a powerful voice that reminds us of Curtis Mayfield, Bobby, and sometimes called the Ben Harper of Jakarta.


Sandhy joined a band in Germany, performing covers of Van Halen, Mr. Big, and The Black Crowes. He later found a job in a grocery store but continued his passion for singing and playing the guitar. In 1998, he moved back to Berlin and started performing in bars, clubs, and metros, with his famous song "Down on the Streets" inspired by his experiences in Berlin metros.


Sandhy gained a wider audience through Stefan Raab's casting show and published his debut album "Why Don't We" in 2008. He won 8th place in the New Wave International Contest of Young Pop Singers in Jurmala, Latvia, and was invited to sing at The Palladium Theatre in Hollywood for a PBS Special TV Broadcast. In 2008, the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin awarded him the "Satya Lencana Kara Satva" medal of honor for his contributions to the country.