ANDIEN is one of Indonesia’s most diverse and respected artist working in the industry today. Throughout her 24 years of career, Andien boasts 8 albums and numerous singles spanning jazz, pop, r&b, soul to folk style - granted her prestigious awards both national and international.

She has titled as best female vocalist in Anugerah Musik Indonesia and won best album for several times, but all the achievements does not stop her to keep creating arts, and collaboration in new forms.

She recently received Best Music Video and Best Song in New York Film Award 2022 for her Melodi Monolog “Dan Lalu”

Grit and passion for music have always been her driving force to create and collaborate, and with the ever changing climate in the industry, Andien is one of a few artists in Indonesia who managed to stay relevant to this day.

Andien is also known as a multi-dimensional artist - having various interests across passion points starting from Fashion, Active Lifestyle, Sustainability and Social Environment - making her as one of Indonesia’s strongest icon throughout generation. Andien also has just launched her foundation, named Andien Aisyah Foundation.