SANTASANTAP is a Duo/Band music unit in the Reggae/Dub genre which is influenced by other music outside the Jamaican Sound. Formed by Rinda (Vocal) and Wisnu (Saxophone) in one of the areas with the worst air quality in Indonesia, namely Pasarkemis Kab. Tangerang in June 2022.

The name SANTASANTAP itself is taken from the word Santap-santap which is the language of the Dayak tribe which is usually spoken when someone wants something but has to delay it or even doesn't get it (in the context of food and drink) so as not to be puhunan (unlucky). This is the main reason for choosing the name SANTASANTAP with a philosophy;
"If someone can't watch their idol musician, they can watch SANTASANTAP to avoid bad luck."

SANTASANTAP started the career by releasing a single entitled "Resah" in June 2022 then continued his creative journey by releasing a mini album entitled "Coming From Behind" with Roaches Records in March 2023 in cassette form and released again in April 2023 on various Digital Music Platforms to facilitate a wider audience.