Skastra is a ska-leaning band formed at the end of October 2015 at the Faculty of Humanity of the
University of Indonesia, Depok. After changing personnel in and out of a number of times, currently
there are eight members of Skastra, namely Alduri Asfirna (vocals), Ibrahim Rahman (drums), Rasmana Raga (bass), Adi Ahdiat (guitar), Fazrin Mustakin (guitar), Hanung T. Wibawa (keyboard) and Taufiq Alkatiri (trumpet).

One thing that always pops up when people mention ska is a fast paced Jamaican beats that encourage the listeners to dance and move their bodies on the dance floor. When we first thought about Skastra, we always have that idea of this kind of ska music is unique. Different from the usual fast paced ska rhythm, Skastra delivers a mellow and mid-tempo ska songs that sounds almost too sweet to be included in this genre.

Skastra doesn't want to limit its work in one genre, so that the music Skastra brought touches jazz, rocksteady, surf, keroncong and pop. Until now, Skastra is still established itself
working in the indie track.