Tantri and The Momons feat. Maya Hasan


TANTRY & THE MOMONS is a small acoustic hybrid band making waves in the music scene with their unique sound.
Led by the captivating vocals of Tantry Momon, the group also features Jeff Gabriel's inventive beats and sequencing, as well as the soulful guitar stylings of Kiki Afriansyah. Since their formation in 2017, this talented trio has been electrifying audiences across the Jakarta area with their mesmerizing performances. Their impressive resume includes taking the stage at the Festival Film Indonesia 2023 and other prestigious events.
Now, the band is gearing up for an unforgettable performance at the Java Jazz Festival 2024. They will present a one-of-a-kind show titled "SAMBA NIGHT TRIBUTE TO ELFA SECIORIA" as a heartfelt homage to Tantry's mentor from 2000-2011, Elfa Secioria.
Joining them in this special concert will be the renowned harpist Maya Hasan, as well as Elfa Secioria's gifted sons, drummer Camille Secioria and keyboardist Cavell Secioria. Expect a stunning collaboration and a night to remember, with an additional standout performance by Elfa's Jazz Youth.
Get ready for an extraordinary musical journey that pays tribute to the legacy of Elfa Secioria!