RIMALDI is Daniel Yudhistira Rimaldi’s latest project, an outlet where he is free to explore the multiple facets of the artist that he is, not only as a singer and songwriter (as he was known for with his previous projects: Tenjo, Jakob Dreams, and Daniel Rimaldi), but also as producer and engineer, giving him complete control over every aspect of the music and how he presents his story to the listener.
RIMALDI's debut album, Awakening, is a coming of age story, documented in a series of songs written throughout different stages in Daniel (Rimaldi)’s life over the past 7 years. It is a direct result of personal experiences (and lack thereof) and growth as both an artist and a person. The title, “Awakening”, comes from the final track of the album, and also signifying Daniel (Rimaldi)’s journey through life and coming of age, from a kid living life mostly in his head in a bedroom in his parents’ house to leaving home and actually living life, going through failed relationships to finally finding love, from being a recluse to finally opening up and meeting new people, and finally letting go of a vision that wasn’t working and taking a risk in breaking up his band and going solo.