Event Terms and Conditions


Organizer is PT Java Festival Production

  1. Visitors/ticket users must have downloaded the PeduliLindungi mobile application (“PeduliLindungi”) and have its account verified; and Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2022 mobile application prior to coming to the event venue and shall bring along their official identification documents (KTP/ KIA/Studen ID Card/KITAS/Paspor).
  2. The event is only intended for visitors aged 12 years or older, who are registered in the PeduliLindungi application.
  3. Visitors/ticket users aged 12 to 17 years must have received the complete primary dose of COVID-19 Vaccine as stated through their respective account in the PeduliLindungi application.
  4. Visitors/ticket users aged 18 years or older must have received the complete primary dose of COVID-19 Vaccine and booster dose as listed through their respective account in the PeduliLindungi application.
  5. Visitors/ticket users are required to scan the provided PeduliLindungi QR Code in the event venue upon entering the event venue according to Government Regulations. Only visitors with Green color status on PeduliLindungi accounts are allowed to enter the event venue.
  6. Organizer deems that the data provided in the PeduliLindungi account of visitors/ticket users to be correct and is valid. In the presence of inaccuracy and/or mismatched data provided in PeduliLindungi with the actual conditions, then it becomes the personal responsibility of the visitor/ticket user. visitors/ticket users acquit the Organizer from any claims and/or liabilities arising from any inaccuracy and/or mismatched data in PeduliLindungi.
  7. Visitors/ticket users are required to comply with all health protocols and new normal procedures in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number HK.01.07/Menkes/382/2020 concerning Protocols for Public Health in Public Places and Facilities in the Context of Prevention and Control of CoronaVirus Disease 2019 along with its changes and/or other relevant regulations that apply and may be issued at a later date.
  8. In the presence of Black color status in the PeduliLindungi account of the visitors/ticket users, then the respective visitors/ticket users, shall not be allowed to enter the event venue.
  9. Organizer has the right to take any reasonable and necessary measures to prohibit/prevent the entry of visitors/ticket users who are proven to be in a positive condition for COVID-19 or are considered not in a good health in accordance with the applicable health protocol.
  10. Visitors/ticket users hereby declare that they are fully aware of the risks of COVID-19 in public spaces where the event is being held. COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease that may cause critical health conditions and death. By visiting the event, visitors are fully aware of all risks related to COVID-19 and are fully responsible for themselves and therefore release the organizer from all responsibilities and acquit the Organizer from all claims and/or losses that may arise due to the risk of COVID-19 and the issuance of new regulations related to COVID-19.
  11. Visitors/ticket users hereby declare and give consent to the Organizer to receive, use and process visitor data (including but not limited to personal data, medical data, pre-existing health conditions, and other personal data and/or information that may be considered sensitive according to applicable laws and regulations) and provide data to the relevant Government Agencies or third parties legally appointed by the Government.
  12. Visitors/ticket users will have their body temperature checked, visitors will not be allowed to enter the event venue if their temperature reaches above 37.3 ° Celsius.
  13. Visitors/ticket users must implement health protocols in relation to COVID-19 (3M – wear a mask, wash their hands with soap and running water, and keep their distance). Masks are required to be either KN95, N95 or double medical masks.
  14. The capacity of each stage and each category is limited according to the provisions of the health protocol applicable for the event so that the service is on a first come, first serve basis. The Organizer in any way has the right to prohibit visitors/ticket users from entering the area of a stage when they have reached the maximum limit of the specified room capacity.
  15. Visitors/ticket users are prohibited from bringing outside food and beverages to the event venue.
  16. Visitors/ticket users are strictly prohibited from bringing and using any type of illegal drugs including but not limited to narcotic, psychotropic, and other hazardous substances into the event venue.
  17. Visitors/ticket users are strictly prohibited from bringing knives, firearms and sharp weapons as well as objects prohibited under applicable laws and regulations into the event venue.
  18. Organizer does not provide any deposit box and is not responsible for any goods lost.
  19. Organizer reserves the right to prohibit Visitors/ticket users from entering the venue if the ticket is not an official event ticket.
  20. Ticket that has been purchased cannot be exchanged nor refunded for any reason.
  21. Organizer reserve the right to remove Visitors/ticket users from the event venue if deemed necessary for security and health purposes.
  22. One or more stages will be sponsored by a cigarette brand, therefore vsitors/ticket users who are under the age of 18 and/or pregnant women are not allowed to enter the area. If the visitor still chooses to enter, then he/she acquits the Organizer from any claims of loss that may arise as a result of his/her actions.
  23. Terms and conditions regarding ticket and ticket purchase could be accessed through Event Ticket Policy.
  24. Visitors/ticket users hereby declares to waive all legal rights to file a counterclaim through the court or any other legally permitted means to sue the Organizer in the event of an event cancellation which is unilaterally carried out by the artist or the government or for other reasons beyond the control and the will of the Organizer.

By attending the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2022, I declared that I have read and understood this Event Terms and Conditions. I understand and agree to be legally bound by this Event Terms and Conditions as referred to in points (1) to (23) above.

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