Event Ticket Policy

  1. Organizer is PT. Java Festival Production.
  2. Each ticket purchased must be registered by including legal and valid name, ID Number, and personal data of the user based on their Official Identity Document (KTP/ KIA/Student ID Card/KITAS/Passport).
  3. A valid ticket is a ticket purchased with a predetermined procedure through online electronic transaction on the website www.javajazzfestival.com, www.jfp.events and at official ticket boxes or other party appointed by the Organizer that are registered at www.javajazzfestival.com
  4. Ticket can only used ticket users who already have and are registered in the SatuSehat mobile application ("SatuSehat").
  5. Ticket buyers must have received the complete primary dose of COVID-19 Vaccine as stated through each ticket users/visitors account in the SatuSehat application.
  6. If the ticket users/visitors are foreign nationals, the vaccine status verification will be carried out by accessing this link and then downloading the SatuSehat mobile application. Further provisions can be accessed through this link.
  7. Organizer deems the data provided in the SatuSehat account of visitors/ticket users to be correct and valid. In the presence of inaccuracy and/or mismatched data provided in SatuSehat with the actual conditions, then it becomes the personal responsibility of the visitors/ticket users. Visitors/ticket users acquit the Organizer from any claims and/or liabilities arising from any inaccurate and/or mismatched data in SatuSehat.
  8. Ticket users/visitors are required to comply with all health protocols and new normal procedures in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  9. Event Ticket Policies and Terms and Conditions for Events, especially those related to COVID-19 may change at any time in accordance with Government provisions and/or regulations.
  10. Ticket users/visitors are fully aware of the risks of COVID-19 in public places where the event is being held and are fully responsible for themselves and therefore disclaim all responsibilities and will exempt the Organizer from all claims and/or losses that may arise due to the risk of COVID-19 and the issuance of new regulations related to COVID-19.
  11. Ticket users legally can only use each e-ticket 1 time. Duplicating the e-ticket is not allowed and is illegal.
  12. The maximum ticket purchase is 4 (four) tickets per ticket type per account.
  13. The ticket uses a unique QR code, is used for one time use and is only valid for one person.
  14. Organizer reserves the right to take any reasonable and necessary measures to prohibit/decline/prevent visitors/ticket users from entering the event venue if the e-ticket with the QR Code has been previously used by someone else.
  15. Ticket prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  16. The number of tickets and capacity available for each stage and each category is LIMITED.
  17. Availability of capacity for visitors/ticket users on each stage and in each category is limited in accordance with the regulations concerning health protocols applicable for the event. The Organizer in any way has the right to prohibit visitors/ticket users from entering the area of a stage when it has reached the maximum limit of the specified room capacity.
  18. Ticket sales are made on a "first buy first serve" basis.
  19. Ticket price promotion cannot be combined.
  20. One or more stages will be sponsored by a cigarette brand, therefore visitors/ticket users who are under the age of 18 and/or pregnant women are not allowed to enter the area. If the visitor still chooses to enter, then he/she acquits the Organizer from any claims of loss that may arise as a result of his/her actions.
  21. Ticket prices include taxes and services.
  22. Organizer reserves the right to process and litigate in accordance with Indonesian regulations either in civil or criminal proceedings against people who got tickets in ways that are not valid, including but not limited to counterfeiting or copying a valid ticket or buying a ticket in a way that do not match those specified by the Organizer.
  23. Organizer is not responsible for negligence of the ticket purchaser/owner that resulted in the purchaser’s ticket falling into the hands of others (in the mastery of others) to be used as an admission that eliminates the ticket purchaser from entering the venue.
  24. Tickets that has been purchased cannot be exchanged, transferred nor refunded for any reason.
  25. Ticket purchasers and ticket users hereby declares to waive all legal rights to file a counterclaim through the court or any other legally permitted means to sue the Organizer in the event of an event cancellation which is unilaterally carried out by the artist or the government or for other reasons beyond the control and the will of the Organizer.
  26. All ticket buyers and visitors are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to the Terms and Conditions for the Event.

I declared that I have read and understand this Event Ticket Policy. I understand and agree to be legally bound by this Event Ticket Policy as referred to in points (1) to (26) above.

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